More Linux Handhelds

Via correspondent Mike comes two more Linux based handhelds that I never would have known about without his heads up. Royal has the Linea LX coming out soon. It seems to have similar specs to the Zaurus (although lacking a few of the goodies I most like.) The nicest part is that it has a built in SD and will feature CF via a detachable sled which will have its own battery. Thus, the draw of CF devices will not run the PDA dead quite so quickly. That’s good thinking. This device, which will have a 320X240 screen is targeted at the $400 price.

Picopeta has the Simputer, designed for use by the developing world (India is the first target). It runs on AAA batteries so that wall power isn’t needed, and it is voice activated to account for the fact that many that use it might be illiterate. Interesting notions, although as that article points out, the $220 is a years wages for most of the people it is targeted towards.

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