Stepping Up

This is the beginning of my second week without sodas. Other than adjusting to the lower amount of caffeine I get, it has been pretty much without incident. I suffered from some bad Diet Coke cravings at the beginning, but that has diminshed over time. Now I just drink a lot of water. I’ve also been cutting down on the lattes and coffee that I drink, so I’m having maybe two or three cups of caffeinated coffee a week and maybe four or five cups of decaf a week. Added up, that’s a pretty dramatic caffeine reduction from where I was, with a couple cups of coffee each day and 6 or 8 cans of soda each day.

I’m almost done with the Walter Willett book on which I’ll give a comprehensive review when I’m done. I have started to adjust my diet in directions it suggests, reducing or eliminating the processed sugars, white flours and trans-fat from my diet. I’m eating more fruits and vegatables and trying to get more whole grain foods in there. It can be tough. I tried in vain to find brown rice at a restaurant in my part of the Chicago loop.

I have yet to add back in a formal exercise program. I am making a few little choices differently in my day to day life, like avoiding escalators in favor of the stairs beside them. I’ve also been taking the elevator to a few floors underneath mine and walking up the balance. This is no substitue for a workout routine, but I am trying to make more active and less sedentary choices in my behavior.

I’m going to start doing something Bruce does that I like and post my weight weekly. I think I need a newer better bathroom scale because our current one is highly subject to fiddling. By leaning one way or the other I can cause a 15 pound difference in the reading! My feet also hang off of it and make it hard to figure out the best place to stand to get the most correct reading. Still, imperfect as it is it says I was 239 yesterday. That’s a lot for a guy a little under 5′ 9″. In fact, it puts me 80 pounds (50%!) over my ideal weight. Luckily for me, I can hide the first 30 or 40 pounds of that so I don’t look as heavy as I am. That’s cold comfort when you know that you are crossing the line into morbid obesity. I’m pretty determined to shed the pounds and reestablish a better level of fitness, so it’s just a matter of time. Healthier me, here I come!

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