Zaurus Users Meetup in Schaumburg

The Wisconsin/Illinois chapter of the Zaurus Users Group will be having a get together in Schaumburg this Sunday at 1 PM, according to this thread. The location will be the Coffeehaus at 209 W Golf Road (847 755 1233). The place has free wifi, which I’m pretty sure is why it was chosen. So, that’s a dozen or so lattes they wouldn’t have sold otherwise to help defray the cost of it. See, free wifi can pay!

My goal, besides the fun of meeting and hanging out with like-minded dorks, is to prepare my list of questions and/or things I need to be shown how to configure or make work properly. If I am going to be there in a place with free internet and lots of knowledgable users, that’s the time to go crazy adding packages and things. Maybe I can get folks to show me how to get package feeds working correctly, which I never could do myself. Even better, I’ll bring my power cord and see if someone will help me flash the ROM.

I’ll be heading out there a little early so that I can lunch at Todai. If I have to go all the way out to Schaumburg, then I might as well. All you can eat sushi! Anyone reading this that is planning on going too, and wants to eat some sushi with a stranger first, drop me an email or a writeback.

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