CD Sales Fall Again in 2003

In 2003, global music sales fell for the 4th consecutive year. The fall is attributed to:

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) blamed the slump in retail music sales — now in its fourth consecutive year — on rampant piracy, poor economic conditions and competition from video games and DVDs.

I’d place the blame in other places as well: in industry behavior so thuggish that consumers such as myself avoid purchasing their products; to distaste with the FUD they spread with their “downloading music is illegal” message that ignores the fact that many smaller acts want their music downloaded since they are never played on the radio; radio station consolidation, ever shrinking playlists and concentration on formats that play the same 30 and 40 year old music to the exclusion of new material; poor price to value ratio. When the same $18 will either buy you a soundtrack CD or the DVD of the movie itself, it’s kind of a no brainer isn’t it? It’s indicative of how badly they have alienated the consumer is that I’m happy when I read headlines like this. I’m completely rooting against the industry. Note that I’m rooting for the individual artists I like, but I hate the leeches that employ them.

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