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I reluctantly watched The Apprentice. Not only am I sick to death of reality shows, but the kind of people who make up that show are the kind of people I tend not to like. I run across them in my life, and they always are intent on making me miserable and busting my balls. For the longest time, I said the only part I liked was the last 10 minutes of each show, because I enjoyed watching them squirm and get their balls busted for a change. Last night, though, I loved the episode and have retroactively upgraded my opinion of the show. Watching Nick and Amy squirm and get fired made me so happy. They epitomized that glib smugness that most of the sales and marketing people I meet have, along with falling ass backwards into good fortune and claiming that their abilities brought it about. Watching their hangdog looks as they got tossed out was great! I had the most exquisite schadenfreude.

Now, can there be any doubt in anyone’s mind that Bill will beat Kwame in the finals? Kwame blew it when he picked Omarosa, let her lie to him and behave like an incompetent buffoon and never confronted her. If next week is like last night, he deserves to lose. I don’t understand Omarosa at all. She’s a political consultant, one that you assume works mostly freelance. She might think she is raising her profile, but watching her performance on the show would prevent me from hiring her to walk my dog, much less run my campaign. She’s basically incompetent, a whiner, and worst of all she is a dishonest control freak. Watching her take important calls and then refusing to tell her team what it was about and also not handling the issues was the kicker. Who wants that on their team or in their company? I certainly don’t. I couldn’t believe it when she was dissing Kwame for not being hands-on enough and making sure what was being done. In essence, she was saying “He didn’t ride my ass hard enough because I’m not going to get the job done any other way.” Unbelievable.

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