More Books to Go

I have a big stack of books to get rid of now segregated in my office. I’m not sure if I’m going to BookCrossing them, perhaps sell a few or maybe just give them to the library or Goodwill. It’s amazing what an influence BookCrossing has on my outlook with books. Even when I’m not intending to enter them, just the existence of it has subtly altered my viewpoint on books. That, and the existence of Project Gutenberg coupled with my willingness to read on my Zaurus. No sense in owning (non-collectible) books I can download. Just the other day, I put every Russell Thorndike Dr. Syn novel I could get from Blackmask Online onto the Zaurus. I should have plenty of rip-roaring adventure available whenever I want it. Six novels went in the PDA with no impact to the amount of shelf space in my house, very nice.

One of the big burdens I have had to cross with books and with which I still struggle is getting rid of the books by writers who I know and like very much. It’s weird and feels like a personal betrayal when I cull out a friend’s book from my shelves. While intellectually I know this is silly, that doesn’t keep me from pausing or thinking really hard about it. This current stack of books has one book from a guy who isn’t quite a friend, more like a good acquantance but with whom I have a good time whenever I see him at an SF con. His book is in the pile, and I have to remind myself that its the book not the person that is in that box. The book is even pretty good, but I’ve read it and won’t ever refer back to it. Probably most people don’t have these emotional crises during spring cleaning, but I’m just that way.

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