Roman Catholic Hypocrisy

Last night on the news I heard about this manufactured controversy between the Catholic Church and John Kerry. Kerry believes in abortion rights and in same sex civil unions, opinions which are contrary to official Catholic doctrine. On TV, a bishop was quoted as saying that “knowing what he does about Kerry’s beliefs, he would have to deny communion to him.” Hmmm, that’s interesting. The church is now denying communion to those parishioners whose opinions they deem unworthy. It would be nice if they could bring that kind of fire to bear when their priests are humping children up the ass. A number of those priests, who have tangibly irrevocably damaged the young lives in their charge, were not defrocked, were not denied communion. They were instead transferred to new parishes where they could damage a fresh crop of children. I suppose you can infer from this that in the eyes of Catholic Church officials, it’s better to sodomize helpless kids than to be pro-abortion rights.

I’m not Catholic so I don’t impute any mystical power to what they say. It used to not make me angry to hear it, though. The Church as an organization has no credibility with me and from what I can tell they have a decreasing credibility even with their own parishioners. Whenever I hear things like this from them, it just makes my blood boil. From what I can tell, the American branch of the church is a corrupt, hypocritical organization that has handled its own sins too poorly to claim any sort of moral authority over the sins of others.

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