OK, no one piped up from my lazy web request. As it turns out, I did some digging on the Apple Developer website. It looks like all the basic tools to develop OS X applications are free. The XCode looks particularly cool. I’ve been thinking that it was a language, not a development environment/IDE.I had seen references to “applications written in XCode” and assumed it was some kind of intermediate language. Until today, I was also ignorant of the fact that you can write native OS X applications in Java. Damn, that’s awesome. So XCode is freely downloadable from Apple’s Developer website but it has a catch – it requires 10.3. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade. Everything says it will be good, will make my 350 MHz older G3 faster. I’m just reticent to upgrade and more reticent to pay money for it. I’ll probably do it soon, though, because I’m sick of not being able to run things I want to use.

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