Cognitive Dissidents

I listened to some of the president’s speech the other day, and some of the questions and answers afterwards. Since I didn’t hear the whole thing, I don’t know if any reporters followed up on a piece of his speech that made absolutely no sense. He continued forward with the same talk he had a year and a half ago, and said that the invasion of Iraq was justified because we “gave Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to disarm and he did not.” Now, knowing what we know about the state of weapons of mass destruction, and having had a full year to look for them without finding any and most people admitting that probably there were none, what does that statement mean? Bush continues to assert that all Hussein had to do to avoid the invasion was to turn over WMD that did not exist. Is anyone pressing the nonsensical nature of this stance? As I interpreted it, that’s as close as I can expect this president to actually come out and say “We did it because me and my neocon chicken hawk buddies wanted to. You suckers get to foot the bill and die for it, and we’ll turn a tidy profit via Halliburton, oilfield revenues, the Carlyle Group and our other spooky fingers in the cookie jar. He he he.”

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