Spanish Class, Term 2

I registered for the adult ed Beginning Spanish Part 2 yesterday. After one week off, I’ll resume spending my Saturday mornings sweating out Spanish syntax. I’m told there will be no English in this one, which is fine with me. I’m prefectly prepared to take my halting speech and shaky grasp of the language into full immersion for 2 hours a week. I’d be willing to do more if I can find a patient speaker that will put up with my fractured and veeeeerrrrrry sloooooow speech. About half our class from Part 1 had bailed by the end of it. I guess they hit their limit of feeling stupid. Me, I’ve had a lifetime of preparation in dealing with that feeling.

Update: My class is cancelled! Damn. Now I can hunt for another one that will be at approximately the same level (which would be difficult), continue on in my informal book learning + Mexican game shows and soap operas, or try harder to find a language buddy with whom I can converse and learn.

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