Off Week

Last week was a particularly busy and stressful one, so not a lot of serious blogging happened. I tried to at least make one post every day about something though. Having done this nearly daily for approaching two years, I feel like a slacking layabout if I don’t. I’ve gained an unexpected few hours this morning (times 12 weeks) from my Spanish class being cancelled. I’m torn between using that time for a little extra productivity, going back to bed, or goofing off. I’m thinking options 2 and 3 are more attractive right now. Maybe I’ll do a little reading on the couch and should I drift off, so be it.

Since the spouse is busy and will be working all weekend, I might sneak out to see a film she is uninterested in and for which I am on fire – Kill Bill, V2. That will be a battery recharger for sure.

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