I saw from the referer list on the right side that I was getting some hits from Jim McGee’s blog for which I am flattered. I always feel good when Jim cites me, and in fact I find it cool that he reads this blog at all. This did make me realize that I’ve not seen his for a long time. I used to have him directly subscribed in my aggregator, but I took him out when Localfeeds went to full posts for those what send them. Him and AKMA and other area bloggers were showing up twice per post, once directly and once from Chicago Localfeeds. However, Localfeeds has been down for so long that I’m thinking I should add them back in. Jim cited me twice in one day and I didn’t even realize it until referral hits came in.

As an aside, in one of the posts Jim mentions Shockwave Rider and points to me mentioning the Sine Fiction soundtrack. I plan on starting that book this week, either by finding my lost copy or checking it out of the library. I’m just in exactly the mood for it.

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