Shrook and Crashing

I emailed Graham Parks about my problem with Shrook crashing on me dozens of times a day. He said that he is aware of the problem and it appears to be all or nothing – either people have zero crashes or they have a metric buttload of them. According to the email, he was rewriting that portion of the code (which seems to me like it was in the thread handling of the updating because it always crashes whilst getting new stuff) and hopes to release it soon. I’m getting the “5 days left on your trial” warning on my (very frequent) restarts, and I have to decide whether I want to pay $20 on faith that this will be better or wait until I can see it for myself. He does seem responsive to these issues, but having been burned on purchases lately I feel a little iffy about it. $20 ain’t breaking the bank but it is the principle, y’ know. I’m really hoping that the update comes out in the next day or two and I can use it before having to register.

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