Grace Braun and DQE

This band would have been a BOTD years ago except for the lack of a website and downloadable audio. Well, all that is fixed now. There is now a website and it even includes downloadable MP3s. I’m not going to say that much more, because I’ve raved about both Grace and DQE multiple times in the history of this blog. Check out the site, listen to the MP3s and feel the honkytonking rockabilly soul love.

Thanks to John Armstrong, bassist of DQE for telling me about the site. You rock, in every possible way.

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2 thoughts on “Grace Braun and DQE”

  1. I love Grace’s music. I think you’re mistaken about the website…it’s just a junk site.

  2. Glen, she does rock it and hard.

    This a 5 year old post. The site has come and gone in that time. I’m sure you can find a lot of broken links and parked sites from the posts of this era.

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