I think I had a bit of a virus or cold or something yesterday. It’s hard to tell because the pollen and my allergies have been bad enough that I’ve been sneezing and snotting for a month regardless. I had the shivers for a while last evening, then I felt like I was burning up and by the time I woke up I felt reasonably good. I did do a little backsliding on my food intake in my moment of weakness, though. I had the deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce at the 65 Chinese restaurant (with a huge bowl of egg drop soup to make me feel better, like chicken soup with really young chickens) and later on I had a mocha from Starbucks, with all the gratuitous sugar and chocolate that entails. I’m better now, though, and back in business. The worst part about trying to eat better is the feeling like I’m one slip up from compete recidivism. It’s actually good for the soul, I think, to backslide a little now and then without backsliding all the way to the previous bad habits. It reinforces that a few mistakes and setbacks are not going to scuttle the whole thing. Today for lunch – a salad or wrap and some fresh fruit.

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