NNTP from the Grave

I got a little bit of a shock from reading my Dueling Modems groups today. I seldom make it all the way to the bottom of my subscription, so most days I read until I run out of time. There are groups that I only get to every few months, if that. Not that long ago, a long time member of the online science fiction community, all the way back to the GEnie SFRT, killed herself. I was not close with her, but I had seen and interacted with her occasonally online for at least a decade. Today, I ran across a bunch of her posts in groups I hadn’t read in a long time. It was kind of an eerie sensation, reading her words and knowing that in her life at the same time she was chit-chatting like normal she was secretly arranging her affairs in order to commit suicide. There’s no insight here, just a cold shivery feeling on the spine.

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