Adobe and JPEG Patent

In his post about the Forgent lawsuits over the soon-to-expire JPEG patent, David Rothman points out a certain ironic poetic justice in the company that leaned so hard on Dmitry Sklyarov for his DMCA “violation” in pointing out their weakness getting busted on an IP violation. Adobe is another group that I have little sympathy for, since the one time I worked on a development team that dealt with them, they were complete ball-busting pains in the ass about everything. In fact, I took a little schadenfreude in Sklyarov pointing out their weaknesses since they gave us so much grief about “not compromising their high level of security.” Ha! In a lot of these maneuverings between companies, just as in the ITRU vs MSFT lawsuit, I feel just like I do when the Mets play the Yankees in the World Series – disappointed that everyone can’t lose because I don’t want any of these bastards to win.

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