This weekend I read the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson. It is a massive tome, almost 600 pages long, but well worth the read. I thought it was brilliant, and it left me feeling melancholy. I was surprised by how much I had with the (semi or perhaps totally) autobiographical protagonist. We both grew up churchy religious boys in rural areas, turned from our faith at about the same time, felt isolated even from the Christians with whom we were supposed to be “brothers and sisters”, considered the ministry, had bouts of purging non-religious “things of the flesh” in order to be better Christians, and so on. All in all, it was brilliant. It captured that feeling of adolescent aimlessness much like Ghost World did, including the painful feeling that there is nowhere that you belong and no one that really understands or even cares. This is an excellent read, and it makes me want to hunt up his early work Goodbye Chunky Rice.

The above links are to the items at the publishers, the classy Top Shelf Comix (right up the road from my old house in Atlanta.) Here’s a link to the Amazon page, kind of gratuitously but to get it on the Technorati booktalk radar.

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