Week 4

My weight this week was 238 – down 2 pounds from last week and 8 pounds overall. I’m actually a little surprised by that. Because I was sick last week, I fled to some comfort foods and wasn’t very active for last half of the week. I had a Starbucks mocha, deep-fried sweet-and-sour chicken, a big plate of of pad Thai noodles, and yesterday I even slipped badly enough to eat peanut butter toast for breakfast. Despite all this, I’m a little down, so that’s not bad.

I also crossed another big milestone. I pulled out some of my size 36 jeans that I haven’t worn in quite a while, and tried them on. I was intending to see how badly they didn’t fit so I could keep up with that, but to my pleasant surprise I could put them on. In fact, I’m wearing them right now. They are pretty tight, but not unbearable. Not so long ago my 38s fit like these 36s do now. That was where I drew the line in the fat – I decided there was no way in hell I would go up to a 40. That’s an admission of defeat, and part of what got me headed the other way. With my illness mostly behind me, I’m taking the stairs at work again, eating right, and should be headed further downward.

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