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I swear to god, almost every dealing I have had with any bureaucrat in either the city of Atlanta government or in Fulton County, from when we moved there in 2000 to this day, has been absolutely hellish. Simple damn things are difficult, difficult things are impossible. Everyone I talk to sounds pissed off to even have to talk to someone. Today I called the Fulton County tag office, because they sent us this dire looking letter about how they are going to revoke our Georgia auto registrations for lack of insurance. Well, we registered in Illinois 9 months ago but that’s not good enough for Fulton Country. We have to send them stuff proving that. I really don’t understand why I’m supposed to care or send them anything. We’re not registered there, when the registration would have expired anyway we won’t be renewing so what hair is it off our asses? I pointed this out (in different words, or course) and the woman got very agitated. “You didn’t turn your tags in, so you need to prove to us that you are registered somewhere else.” Whatever. I’ll send them their bullshit, which will effectively do nothing but get them off our asses. We’ve moved state to state four times and never done this before. What a load of crap.

We had a situation with the water department, where they had both the address funky and my name wrong. We filled out the little form to correct such things every single time we paid the bill for over three years. It was wrong all the way until we moved, at which point it didn’t forward correctly because, like, all the information is wrong. It took a pleading note added to the bill pointing out that we can’t pay if the bill doesn’t get there and failiing consistently to correct our information keeps the bill from getting there. If you added up all the time Atlanta/Fulton government has wasted of my time in the last few years it would easily be over a grand at the rate I bill. Sometimes I get a little wistful for the place, but this ain’t one of those times.

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  1. The thing that most bugs me is that in every one of these cases, people seem put out that I might be asking them to do their jobs. There seems to be this overwhelming feeling of elitism or entitlement or something from the city workers, like they have forgotten that I and all other citizens are their bosses. Instead, we are just people that they will make dance because they can. Pisses me off.

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