Fedora Core

I’ve been hearing good things from my colleagues about the Fedora Core 1 so having replaced the failing drive to which I was going to install Debian but which was too screwed up for that, I changed my mind and opted to try out the Fedora for myself. The fact that the stable Debian is the same one I installed almost 2 years ago and due to friction in the community the next one now won’t be released this year led me to look elsewhere. The updater tool for Fedora is supposed to be as good as apt-get (that’s what my buddies tell me, at least) and unlike the RedHat up2date, doesn’t have this free/pay dichotomy.

The installation process was easily the spiffiest I’ve ever been through for Linux. It’s installing now, so we shall see how it all goes. There is something refreshiningly optimistic about going through the Linux package selections at install time. For me, I end up selecting lots of things like development tools and headers for things I’d like to work with but realistically will never do. Oh well, a boy can dream. More reports later after the thing is installed.

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