The Return of Spanish Class

I got a call in the middle of last week that they had enough interest in the cancelled Beginning Spanish Part 2 to uncancel it. I went this morning, and let me tell you that the few weeks off didn’t do me much good. I felt highly stupid and slow. Exacerbating it was the fact that I didn’t find out until late enough in the week about it that I didn’t really have time to study or even glance over my book. I’ll crack it this week and try to get back in prime shape for the class. Since we are now leaving the permanent present declarative tense in which we spent most of Part 1, things are getting more interesting. We learned imperative and present progressive. We might even get into past and future one of these days, so we can actually talk like a person might.

All in all I’m glad they reconstituted the class. I think this was entirely the work of one student, who went around and found other people to sign up until we hit the threshold. It works out better to pick back up where we left off with our same teacher than to try to find another class advanced enough not to bore us but not so challenging as to leave us behind. My routine of getting completely burned out and frazzled on Saturday mornings is back!

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