Fedora Day 1

It appears I misunderstood my buddy. This Fedora Core is in fact using up2date as the system package management tool. I could have sworn he said it was something else. Oh well. It seemed to work pretty well and whatever registration it has is completely under the covers. I didn’t do anything in particular, just clicked the buttons and let it rip.

I think the out of the box Gnome desktop and all the stuff that came with it is fantastic. I did a very thorough custom install, rather than picking “Desktop” or “Workstation” or “Server” options, so I know I have the stuff I want. Now I’ll install Eclipse 3.0 and see how that goes. All in all, though, I’m very happy with this. I think we are ever closer to the day where no one has to use Windows that doesn’t want to simply because of Microsoft lockin.

Update: I see my confusion runs deep. After digging, I was confused by the way up2date automatically popped up. However, I’m free to use other package managers such as apt or the front-end to it – Synaptic. I was pleasantly surprised that Synaptic worked fine at knowing what packages were already there and seems to coexist fine with up2date. This is much better than a few years ago, when up2date and the Ximian package manager got into a pissing match and left me with packages that couldn’t be installed and others that couldn’t be uninstalled.

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One thought on “Fedora Day 1”

  1. Shannon says:

    I’ve had Fedora I running since February. As you said, the install process was pretty clean. I opted for the KDE desktop, but all the Gnome toys are in the menus as well. I’ve been pretty happy with it, but there are still a few little quirks. The memory chip reading (eg digital camera memory) is sometimes flaky – it worked first try, but since then I’ve had problems off and on with it. The scanner driver munges the picture so there’s a fuzzy line down one side – the scanner works perfectly on my W2K laptop. There are a few other little issues such that this still isn’t ready for my mom or my wife. But it sure is nice to see how close it is coming. -sln

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