Week 5

This week my weight was 236 – down 2 pounds from last week and 10 pounds from baseline. This is still without adding in any significant organized excercise, just taking the stairs more often and trying to eat according to the Harvard recommendations. Yesterday was a particularly stressful day, and I cracked. I ate a handful of Chips Ahoy with milk and drank two Diet Cokes – the first of those I’ve had in a month. I started to go completely nuts and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I caught ahold of myself before then. The trick is to treat the lapses as isolated anomalies and not abandon ship when they happen.

Overall I’m happy with my progress. I’ve continued to lose a sensible 2 pounds a week by simply making different eating choices. I got a mailing for a special “welcome back” promotion from Bally Fitness that would let me rejoin for a year term for $99. I’m trying to see what the catch is and if it would work at the gym 2 blocks from my office. If so, I’ll be heading there a few times a week and things should continue on getting better from there. Now that I’m about 4% down from the highwater mark of the heaviest I’ve ever been, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. God help me if I have to go shopping for fat pants again in my life.

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