Smart but Scarreder

Via Richard M comes this link to a photo gallery of the benefit show for Jon Kincaid. That photo starts out with a photo of Jon looking as slim as I’ve ever seen him. I guess if a massive heart attack doesn’t motivate you to lose weight, nothing will.

We really wish we could have been there. The photos look like a hoot. I was around for a lot of those early dnc shows, starting to see them around 87 or so. I never saw them with Paul Lenz but I think I saw one of the very first shows with Jeff Sullivan. According to one of the captions, the show raised over $7500 for his medical fund. I believe if you tally in the Paypal web fundraising plus the other sources, we’ve kicked up into the 5 digits (barely). I think this is still well under 20% of his total bill, but it allows him to make consistent payments to the hospital for a long time without fear of them repossessing his new arteries. Here’s a big thank you to everyone who went, who bought stuff, who has given money in any fund to this worthy cause.

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3 thoughts on “Smart but Scarreder”

  1. Chris C. says:

    I can’t see the pictures due to the new you-must-register thing that the AJC threw up a couple weeks ago. I refuse et cetera.

    But I want these pictures for the WREK history binders, which I maintain. If anyone out there is motivated to do so, could you either A) print out some of the best pictures and snail mail them to me, or B) save-to-disk and email them to me? My email address is c-dot-campbell-at-pobox-dot-com. Thanks!

  2. Chris C. says:

    Thanks, Richard! I’ve printed them out and they’ll be in the history binder by evening.

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