Tourist Time

For this weekend, while my mom was in town we did a bunch of touristy stuff of more and less goofiness. From the “more goofiness” end of the scale, we went out to Medieval Times in Schaumburg on Friday. It was cheezy in that rennaissance festival sort of way, but we still had a blast. Eating a “feast” with your hands is pretty fun, the horses and horse tricks were fabulous and even the choreographed combat was good. I heard the story on this place on this episode of This American Life and was curious. All in all I’m glad we went.

Yesterday we drove down to Devon Avenue for Indian buffet and ate so much we all had to nap. FYI – if you are around Devon anyway and need to replace a watch battery, that’s the place to do it. We went into the first place we saw, a watch and sundry store, and it cost $3 to get the new battery and have it put in the watch. I don’t know how it can possibly be that cheap, but it was.

Last night we went to Second City and had a good time. We ended up right next to the stage. The show was funny, a skit review show of some interlocking pieces, some standalone random pieces, a lot of topical humor and such. My only complaint was way too many Steve Bartman references. I understand that this will be a Chicago obsession until everyone that saw the play is dead, but enough is enough. The theme of the show is that Bartman started a bad karma ripple that altered the world, but a few less references would have kept that from getting so tired. All in all, it was a fun evening and I’m glad we went. Now we need to go back and see the show on the other stage.

We only had a couple of days, and there is just so much stuff to do and see here that we felt under no obligation to try to do that much of it. I have a bad tendency to overplan and overschedule and just run everyone ragged. Not so this time, nice steady pace, a few choice pieces of fun and plenty of time for chilling. I’ve enjoyed it.

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