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A few bits of joy for you fans of audible fiction:

James Patrick Kelley (one of my particular favorites and a lot of fun to interview) has a readings of number of his stories available for download. You can donate via Paypal if you like what you hear.

Richard Butner reads his story Ash City Stomp, also available for download. No donations for this one, although I do believe they are trying to get this story on the radar for awards season.

Cory Doctorow recommends these radio plays by Hugh A.D. Spenser from Summer 2003, Astonishing Failures and Amazing Struggles. Here’s a link to episode one of AF. That page contains links to all episodes of both shows.

I’m fixing to burn me a CD with all of the audio on this page, a good couple of days listening. Mmmmm, mmmmm, audio fiction.

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