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Here’s a few links I’ve been saving in Shrook, all software process or XP related. Taken as a whole, they show various bits of thinking about XP with which I agree. I’ve come to the conclusion that whether you are for or against XP comes down to which strawman is more compelling to you: “We will waste time overdesigning things we don’t use” or “We will waste time throwing things away that we built that won’t work with the product as a whole.” I’m more scared by the latter than the former, XPers the opposite.

A few links from Incipient Thoughts. One is on agile product buildiing, another is on the XP practice of going straight to code, and then today was this post about viewing agile methods or the lack of them as different ways of managing risk.

Via Exploration through Example comes links to Brett Pettichord and Danny Faught, both of whom blog about open source testing tools. He also posts that Better Software magazine is looking for writers.

My favorite contrarian voice, shouting against the XP tide, remains Hacknot. Here is a post about how to talk like an XPer. It’s funny stuff, and is equally applicable for “how to talk like a writer of military science fiction.” In fact, Bob Martin and John Ringo had very similar rhetorical styles when I heard each present (the former at CJUG and the latter at Dragon*Con).

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2 thoughts on “Software Process, Risk, Random Thoughts”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Youse got bad code in the link.

    Damn dude, too many posts for me to keep up with! Is [unnamed travel data corp] not keeping you busy these days? 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I notice after making those collections of many thing type posts that by the end I start making copy and paste errors. I fixed both of the Hacknot links. It’s a shame that it’s been screwed up – that’s my favorite link of all of these.

    As far as being busy, you have no idea. I’m basically slammed all day every day and have been for quite a while. What you see here is taking a break from the various projects that occupy my life. We probably don’t have to be coy about the name of the company – it’s on my resume, which is linked from the blog. On the other hand, if you search for the three words: [company name] software engineer : on google, you will get my resume. I’m not sure if I like that, but it is just how it all works. I don’t necessarily want to advertise to them that my resume is up but that’s a necessary side-effect from making it available all the time.

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