Week 7

This morning I weighed 233, down 2 pounds from last week and 13 from baseline. I had a couple of lapses, including allowing myself 3 of the big triple chocolate cookies from Dominick’s (Safeway). Man those are tasty! By and large, I’m just eating less (but not enough less to be hungry), drinking more water and water in place of diuretic caffeine laced things like diet coke and coffee, and eating less crap. When I do have the urge to snack I eat pistachios, always in the shell. That 5 seconds to get it out of the shell is the difference between eating 10 of them and 100. If there were unshelled, you could just dump a handful in your mouth – having to chew them individually actually makes the snack urge go away when you have eaten just a few of them.

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