Gavin King and Scott Stark Talk

The CJUG meeting last Tuesday was pretty good, but not as good as I was expecting. Part of it just had to do with the topics. Gavin King talked about EJB, Hibernate and the EJB 3.0 spec. Much of the talk was about the history of EJB, how Hibernate solved some of the problems and how much of what is really Hibernate type strategies will be rolled into the new EJB 3.0. That is mostly not of that much interest to me. I could care less about the history of EJB. As someone who has been using Hibernate for around a year now in ways large and small, I’d rather have had a more down and dirty Hibernate talk. It felt like a missed opportunity to have him right there and not get some tips on how to do real day-to-day work with this tool.

Scott Stark’s talk was better than I was expecting, but only because my expectations were so low. I don’t care too much about JBoss one way or the other. I may use it some day or maybe not. I was interested in the “aspect oriented” nature of where JBoss is heading, which is less as a heavy monolithic program and more as a collection of small services that can be used ala carte to provide what are needed. As he described it, these would mostly be as “decorators” on top of the communication paths.

So, all in all it was worth going to and it had a big turnout but it wasn’t what I was hoping it would be.

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