Fedora Core 2

A few weeks ago when I installed Fedora Core 1, I was just a little too hasty. If I had waited one more week, I could have gone straight to the FC 2, including the 2.6 kernel and all. I’m downloading and burning the ISOs right now. I wasn’t 100% sure if FC 2 would have an “upgrade existing install” option, but according to this dude’s blog it does. So, when I can get the ISOs all downloaded and burned I’ll go for it. I’m digging FC 1 and expect FC 2 to be even better. I’m not sure why I just got the fever to upgrade, but I have it and so am going to address it.

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2 thoughts on “Fedora Core 2”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Watch out — it’s been widely reported that FC2 hoses up on dual boot installs. But I think you’re installing to a dedicated machine.

  2. Dave says:

    That ain’t the kind of thing you like to be reading when you are on Disk 3 of 4 of the upgrade. You are right, though, this is not for a dual boot system. We’re down to 2 Windows systems in the house, and we might very well be to zero in a year or two. I’ve never paid for a Windows system (all came from employers) and I don’t plan on ever purchasing one.

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