X-Arcade Dual Controller

Here’s a review of a good looking joystick, useable with MAME and others. If I buy another joystick to use with MAME, it will have two joysticks such that I can use it for Robotron (my favorite arcade game of all time). I’ve played it in manners other than two joysticks, like two sets of keystrokes or one joystick and one set of kets and none of it compares. When I would go to Ground Kontrol in Portland and play the actual arcade game, it would remind me of what a sham playing Robotron on MAME is without the proper controls.

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One thought on “X-Arcade Dual Controller”

  1. Vinnie D. says:

    I got it working well with ‘Gamepadcompanian.app, for OS/X ( versiontracker).
    I am playing with the latest Mame.
    My friend completely configured it for X-Plane, with some time.

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