Zaurus and Macs

I haven’t been posting much about the Zaurus lately. I’ve been busy and haven’t been doing anything beyond simple everyday stuff with it, so there hasn’t been much to talk about. Thanks to a passerby who left me some information in a writeback, I was informed that you do need a Compact Flash card to flash the ROM on this thing, so I’m buying an old 32Mb card from a coworker for $10. Maybe this weekend or so I’ll flash the ROM to Open Zaurus. Sitting at the get-together in Schaumburg, all the guys running OZ seemed to have a cooler setup. Things on my standard Sharp ROM got a little funky when I installed some of the Opie apps anyway, so why not?

There’s this professor in Germany, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller who seems to be doing a lot of stuff with Macintoshes and Zauruses. He has the aptly named Dr. Schaller IT Research Initiative that is doing this work. I can’t tell if this is an organization, an idea, a collection for stuff he is doing at his university or what. I really don’t care, as long as he keeps making it easier to combine Zaurii with Macs. This is the group that does the OS X to Zaurus cross-compiler, and they are working on the project to add a true Zaurus sync to the Mac. Recently they’ve added a discussion forum so if you have any questions, there is the place to do it. I just asked a question on the forum today asking if ZMacSync will always be 10.3 specific or if they have plans to add in compatability back to 10.2. It’s all interesting stuff. If you are a Zaurus owner and a Mac user, that’s a place worth checking out.

Actually, I see now from further reading that Dr. Schaller’s ZMacsync is only for the Sharp ROM (and only V3.10 of that). Apparently ZaurusMacSync is supposed to work for OpenZaurus. Man, this tower of Babel is really a problem with the Zaurus!

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    Maybe I need a warning message on some of these posts…

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