Segundo Viento

After a few weeks of getting my butt royally kicked in Spanish class, I felt pretty good this week. I actually had studied and was able to converse pretty well. Only two students showed up, so we had lots and lots of one-on-one conversation. I hit a few walls when there were things I wanted to say that I just lacked the words for, but mostly I was able to keep up my end of the conversation. I was a little surprised to learn the phrase for “iced tea” is “té helado” which seems like it would literally be “ice cream tea.” It was fun, I felt good and like I’m heading in the right direction. When it was just me and the teacher, we went over some of the “what to say in stores” scenarios. I wasn’t sure whether to say “dame eso” or “queiro eso” or “deseo eso” and she said basically that all were correct.

Just in fooling around, my brother and I started chatting in our mutually broken Spanish via IM. On each end we had a little mechanical assistance, he with a dictionary and me with It worked so well in that it gave me enough time to think of the word I want while allowing me to practice my vocabulary that I want to do more of it. Are there Spanish speakers out there who would be willing to IM back and forth with me periodically? Even better would be if you are learning English, and we can split time in the two languages, correctin each other as need be. If anyone reads this and is interested, send me an email or leave a comment on this post.

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  1. Laura says:

    Hi! My name´s Laura. I´m spanish and I want to improve my english. I will be pleased of help you with your spanish. My mail its You can writte to me if you want.

    See you

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