This morning glancing through the log analysis of this blog as I do most mornings (yes I am that much of a dork), something jumped out at me in the referring URL section. I saw a hit that looked like it came from the main page of Electrolite. Since browsers and/or spiders do lots of funny things with referer URLs, I assumed that it was a hit from one of my rare comments or trackbacks over there that just had all the extra URL stripped out in the processing. Still, I was curious enough to look and sure enough this blog is linked in a sidebar on the main page. Best of all, it is in the “Mad Scientists” section! I have no idea how long its been up there but I find this highly cool.

Patrick was one of the folks I interacted with back on GEnie, in the 1992-1993 time period when I had just bought my first modem and was drunk on the power of interacting with other folks of the tribe through the computer. He’s one of those guys that I find that after reading his posts, I have to make the extra effort not to fall into his rhetorical patterns. His voice is contagious, at least for me. The comments on both Electrolite and Making Light are full of posts that read a lot like conscious or unconscious imitations of the Nielsen-Hayden style (Patrick and Teresa). I’ve always felt like he was smarter and cooler and better spoken than me and I’ve sort of had to work to keep my own voice and not just replace it with whatever imitation of his I can pull off.

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