Week 10

Eventually I knew it would have to happen, and this week was the week – the first in which I didn’t lose weight from the previous week. This week I was at 235, up 4 pounds from last week and down 11 from baseline. The holiday weekend had an inordinate amount of eating out, including some very rich food with huge portions at places like Joy Yee’s and Red Robin. In fact, I ate french fries for the first time in over two months this weekend (ironically, right after watching Super Size Me) and had other lapses including ice cream. I’m really not feeling that terribly bad about it, treating it more like a vacation from the regimen rather than some sort of earth-shaking betrayal of my new eating habits. Starting today I’m back on the wagon. Other than the leftover slice of Giordano’s pizza I have for lunch, it’s salads, fruit, sushi, whole grains and all that fun goodness. I also added a floor to my daily stair climb, taking the elevator one lower and walking up four flights now every time I return to this building. I’ve been saying for weeks that biking to the train was imminent and by gum this week I might just mean it.

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One thought on “Week 10”

  1. A.R. Yngve says:

    Computers are to blame! And cars. If it weren’t for those twin evils, we’d all be slim now.

    Good luck with the regimen — I’ve been there. (And will be there again. And again…)

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