It’s Here!

Portrait of a boy and his new toy. In fact, I’m blogging this from that toy right now!

All is really good, I’m really digging it and will have lots more to report back later. I’m absolutely amazed at how fast I got it up and productive. After going through the initial setup wizards, I did the software updater to get everything current. I was up and productive and on my wireless network (WAP key and all) about 15 minutes after that. Wowza!

Aargh, I forgot about how pictures drop out of the box if there isn’t enough text with them, so I’ll add some more. I installed Shrook on the new iBook, and it went out the server and on the first pass synced up my subscription list and on the second got all the new articles while correctly only showing as new the ones I hadn’t yet read on the desktop. Very nice! The mail took no time to set up, and neither did setting up my ssh keys so that I could publish from Blapp. I moved over my synchronization script to this Mac and boom, it created all my directories and moved all my posts down. I got bit by some Blapp setup that I always forget. All the paths to the things in the preferences, like where your data files are and where your custom scripts are, must be absolute. I was doing the Unix ~ reference and things just weren’t working until I remember that I screw this up on every Blapp install I’ve ever done. Situation solved, and now I’m blogging away! What a shame I must sleep, I’d rather play with my iBook.

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  1. oops, premature “enter”ation there. Do you just put the pic in its original size? I use height =”” and width= “” to control my pics. Usually they run about a 3:4 height: width ratio.

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