Ex-Microsoftie on the Cash Cow

Here’s an opinion piece by a guy who spent the first decade of his career at Microsoft and now has turned from the platform. He discusses the challenges the company faces, but the parts that really interest me were his discussion of the feeling of Windows versus OS X. Having spent last evening working with a brand new Mac, I agree that it is just downright pleasurable to work with in ways that Windows never is. At its best, Windows is usable but never enjoyable just for its own sake – and very little time is spent with Windows at its best. This guy thinks that the delay in Microsoft shipping Longhorn will be the misstep that might cost teh company big. That 5 years betwen major releases of OS versions creates a window of opportunity for the competitors. Personally, I’d love to see Linux and Mac OS X move right in there. I use all three platforms daily, and two of the three are enjoyable and one is a drag.

Via Slashdot.

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