Shrook on the iBook

I’ve written about my problems with Shrook several times. In fairness, now that I’m also running it on the iBook which is a 10.3 system it runs much better there. It has crashed once on me, after reaching the end of my new articles and then inexplicably marking them all read. Some of the UI qualms I had on 10.2 aren’t an issue. On 10.3 when you begin reading down the list of new articles, it automatically pops into the 2-up view, a feature I like quite a lot. My guess is that most of the 10.2 problems are caused by the fact that the developer is writing this on a 10.3 system and never tests on 10.2.

Now that I hear rumblings about 10.4 in the future, I wonder exactly how long support will be expected for the older OSes? They had this wonderful break point between 9 and 10 where they could throw out all of the old Mac Toolbox compatability that they had been carting around for 15 years from version to version. Now slowly that problem begins to occur again as there are 4 (soon to be 5) different flavors of Mac OS X. It was nice while it lasted, I guess.

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