Southern Test

Doc Searls scored a 49 out of 71 on this test of your “southern-ness.” I scored a 48, right there with him. I guessed on a lot of the car and gun stuff, but I really did know the country music and bluegrass things, as well as almost all the food, culture and geography stuff (although I was shaky on the years of states.) It was pretty fun, actually. My wife is fixin’ to take it soon, so y’all should too.

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3 thoughts on “Southern Test”

  1. I only got a 36. I got the cars and gun stuff, but I missed the music stuff. I also seemed to missing some of the sentences in the questions which lead me to the wrong answers. When I went back and looked at the answers part the sentences were different (complete). It was fun though and pretty funny.

  2. D was led astray by the civil war question. I actually filled in the blanks and figured out the choice “War of Northern” was supposed to say “War of Northern Aggression”, even though the final word was missing. I missed only one music or culture question in the whole thing, but was bad on history, dates, guns and one pointed geography question.

  3. Bah, 46. I shoulda done better. Yeah, I’m a northerner (New Yorker more than anything else) but I’ve lived in Atlanta fer 20 years, continuously! On the other hand, I’ve been inside the perimeter for most of those 20 years …

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