Wheres George Hit Map

Here’s a cool tool for those dorks who are, like me, obsessive users of Where’s George. It is the County Map Maker. You just cut and paste your “Hits by County” report from the state view into a text box and blammo, it creates a US map with the counties colored by hits. You can specifiy the color, the hits per level, etc. It’s quite cool.

I’m not going to include it in this post (because it is a really large graphic that looks bad when I tried to scale it down) but if you want to see what my particular map looks like, take a look. The exact numbers aren’t so important. The thing to remember is that darker means more hits. In fact, by glancing at this map it is pretty easy to pick out the three cities I’ve lived in since I started georging bills (although don’t be fooled, I never lived in Seattle even though there are a lot of hits there).

For them whats like this kind of stuff, there is plenty of things like this available at the directory of Where’s George related things. It’s a WG fan page!

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