The book that comes with my new computer refers to “calibrating the iBook battery.” I was wondering if I was supposed to do any sort of drain fully thing early in the life of this thing. I’ve been trying to not plug it back in until it was at least in the red on the indicator. The book says to run the battery out, past all the warning messages until it automatically sleeps from low battery. From there, you are to recharge fully before unplugging it. As far as I can tell from the docs, this is not for the typical reasons of conditioning the battery, but the “calibration.” I really don’t know what this is, unless it is somehow training the system as to the exact voltage curve of recharging the battery from completely drained to completely full. I hope that I didn’t screw anything up by not doing this the very first discharge cycle.

In a good sign for things to come, it’s been a chore draining this battery down all the way. I have to keep using it enough to prevent it form sleeping (I didn’t feel like changing the config), but it has held battery long enough that it has been 90 minutes from the “one hour left” point. Maybe I should have played a DVD while I was trying to do this. Just got my first warning message, so I should be just about there.

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