Radio Like Transmissions

There’s been some interesting talk of the future of radio, and integrating some of the tools of the blogosphere with radio programming. This was first brought up by Doc Searls and then responded to by Jeff Jarvis.

Interestingly, I’ve had similar thoughts to some of what Doc says, which is why I setup up an RSS feed of newly programmed albums for WREK. The RSS feed of the schedule could be quite simple to add, and could include links to the MP3 archive that they keep. If I have an odd few minutes, I might just do that. The existing RSS feed hasn’t really been publicized and for all I know, I’m the only user of it. I wanted to add more information to the WREK system, so that the lists of playlists and programming and such contain links to Amazon affiliate links to buy the albums when possible. That would be a lot of work, not just in building it out but maintaining the metadata that makes it run, and since no one at the station was that into it (they ranged from apathetic to hostile to the idea) it never happened. Still, these issues remain ones that I think about often and I like to see big brained folks cogitating on them too.

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