Out of the Cygwin Business

My short yet unhappy tenure as maintainer of the Subversion port to Cygwin is officially over. As it turns out, there were people way more qualified than me. I spent what felt like forever trying to get my port assembled into all the ticky bits that Cygwin requires and it still got rejected. The main guy who was the rejector had all this input on how things should be change, none of which mattered to me or that I cared about. He was adamant that some of the dependent libraries should be broken out and dynamically linked, so he went ahead and created the packages for those ones. Around this time, it became thuddingly clear to me if not everyone involved, this guy was a far better person to maintain the package than me. And thus he is and I am out. I never really cared that much about being the maintainer, I was just trying to be a little altruistic. Truth be told, if I had known going in what the process would be like, I never would have started down the path.

I get a lot of hits from people searching for “cygwin subversion”. It should be a matter of weeks or even days before the subversion package begins showing up in your feeds. This is way faster than if I was at the helm, so me getting out of the way is ultimately going to be good for everyone.

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