Bikes Against Bush

Via BoingBoing comes this link to a guy who can do dot matrix printing on the ground with a bike and spray paint. You have absolutely got to watch this video of it working! This is one of the most fabulous bits of steampunk low/high tech I’ve ever seen. He plans on painting anti-Bush messages on the sidewalk during the Republican National Convention in New York. More power to you, you cracked genius you!

I wonder if the next iteration will be to add in a speedometer that feeds to the computer and controls the length of the pulses so that you get the same output no matter how fast you are going. Currently, it looks like if you go faster it stretches out the writing. Still, this is truly an awesome thing he has done.

Update: Cult of Mac has some more information, including a link to an interview with Joshua Kinberg, the above mention cracked genius. BoingBoing was wrong – that isn’t paint they spray, but aerosol chalk that lasts 4-5 days unless you take a hose to it, in which case it lasts 4-5 seconds.

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