Rumsfeld Ordered Prisoner Hidden

The matter of treatment of Iraqi prisoners is getting to the top. According to MSNBC, Rumsfeld himself ordered a prisoner kept off the official roles. As always, Rumsfeld claims “security” as the reason. Originally they moved this prisoner outside Iraq but moved him back over questions of the legality of the detention. When they did, they lost track of this prisoner because, well, he was off the books. While the purported reason for the shenanigans was that this prisoner was too dangerous to book and treat normally, in fact during the time they didn’t know where he was anything could have been happening. Once again they play fast and loose with the rules for vague security reasons, but ultimately that behavior reduces the security of the whole situation.

I used to want Bush to fire Rumsfeld, but now I don’t I want him to. I want him to staunchly defend this kind of behavior as exactly how a Cabinet member should comport oneself. That gives everyone that much better reason to fire the whole lot of them in bulk this November.

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One thought on “Rumsfeld Ordered Prisoner Hidden”

  1. I haven’t ever though Rumsfeld should be fired, and I doubt I ever will. For better or worse, I perceive him as just a soulless lacky. To be contrasted with actively evil, well, evildoers like Rove, Wolfowitz, and Ashcroft.

    The saddest thing in all this is how the State Department had a really good plan for fostering democracy in post-war Iraq, and the DOD and the White House just completely flushed it down the toilet in the days leading up to the invasion. Poor Colin Powell, no wonder he’s quitting.

    Totally unrelated, Dave you need to somehow see a documentary called DiG ( ) that I saw tonight as part of the Atlanta Film Festival. I know you’re a big fan of the Dandy Warhols. A real eye-opener. I don’t have email right now hence the odd way of telling you 🙂

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