Sky High Airlines

This is getting passed around my workplace, a link to Sky High Airlines. This is a really funny parody site of airline websites run by Alaska Airlines. I do know that it is hilarious. Check out the “Cohabi-fares” and actually try to do a family matchup. Just the choices are funny. What I want to know is how you get the job doing this stuff? Man, what a blast that must be.

I particularly liked this from the “Daily Barium” by Howard Barium, CEO and Chairman, SkyHigh Airlines:

I encourage my employees to make bold decisions, even at the risk of failure. And when they do fail, I give them 10 minutes to box up their crap.

Update: Apparently this has been around a while. I see references to people blogging about it as far back as 240 days ago. I’m late to the party, but this is indeed hilarious.

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