My friend Chris left a comment mentioning the movie DiG, a documentary about the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, both bands I like. I’ve seen things about this movie on and off for a while, and I really do want to see it. It sounds fascinating to me, as a documentary that covers eight years (?!) of both band’s histories but mostly focussing on Anton Newcombe of BJM. It sounded fascinating the first time I heard about it, and now that I’ve got some personal recommendations it is Must See Cinema. If I like the film a lot, I’ll probably buy the DVD because it is supposed to have lots of extra footage culled from the 1500 hours (?!) shot for this film and edited down to 100 minutes.

I don’t like to get too close to it in my real life, but I’m entranced by self-destruction so watching it in a movie is perfect. I’ve always been drawn to the inevitable train wrecks, which is why I found Startup.com so fascinating. I like watching these documentaries that are really Greek tragedies of people stuck playing their roles until it ultimately crushes them. I just don’t want to have to be one of them.

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3 thoughts on “DiG”

  1. jonny says:

    was startup.com the kozmo story? if not you should rent that one. Its pretty good since you know how its going to end. At one point in the movie the owner guy needs to get something fedexed somewhere and then makes a comment that hey we may buy fedex someday or something like that. poor kozmo

  2. Chris C. says:

    I hesitate to post this, so follow this link at your own peril because it’s a mild spoiler.

    On my way out of the theater, someone was passing out printed copies of a page at the BJM website where
    Anton Newcombe responds to the film. He raised two very good points that do affect how you see the movie.

    Now, I saw the movie as it was, formed opinions based on what was presented, and THEN read his response and that has an effect on those opinions. Should you read his response and have that commentary in mind going into the movie? I don’t know — I prefer to have the pure movie experience and then hear the criticism, but maybe that’s just me liking it that way because that’s the sequence in which I experienced it. Your decision.

  3. Dave says:

    Chris, I will wait until I watch it before I look at that page. From what I read, it sounds like the film is from a Dandy Warhols type perspective, so I have no doubt Newcombe had problems with it. I wonder if this is out on video yet?

    JX, this was the GovWorks.com or EZGov.com or whatever story. I had no idea there was a Kozmo movie. Now <strong>that one</strong> is probably a worse trainwreck than the one I saw. Remember that the day those guys brought the video to the office I called the death date of the company within two months of what it actually was.

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