Door to Door

Earlier today a guy came by the house raising money for the Democratic National Convention’s “grassroots” program where they are sending extra people into the swing states for the election. I listened to the pitch for a while and finally stopped him – I didn’t need to be sold and told him so. But here’s the thing – even though I am on board with his cause, have been donating money to various similar causes and even trusted the dude, I didn’t want to give money to him on the spot. I don’t know if I am too cynical or untrusting, but I don’t like handing money to anyone that rings my bell for whatever reason.

I took the pamphlet and may well give some money via the website, but I will probably never overcome this feeling. I absolutely will never consider giving money to anyone that phones me up, and asking in-person is only marginally better. When we give money we initiate it from our end, usually in response to some literature they sent us. The big problem with doing things offline is that you can’t just look at the server SSL certificate for the guy on your doorstep.

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