The Beach

It’s been a long time, too long, that I sat on a proper beach and cavorted in the ocean. The Chicago beachs are fine and pretty and all but the water is cold and it never seems right to not have that salt taste in your mouth. We spent part of the afternoon loafing in Huntington Beach, south of Myrtle Beach. It’s the least touristy beach I’ve seen in a long time, a state park and thus not full of drunken frat boys who have just staggered from their hotel. A little sun, a little sand, a little surf – I feel my batteries recharging! Not only that, but we got an upgrade to a convertible Mustang at Hertz, so we rode around with the top down on a nearly perfect day – warm but not too hot, sunny but not oppressive. All in all, I couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow we have to be on a plane at 6:10 AM EDT (!!?!?!!), but all fun things must end. This has been quite a weekend, about which more later.

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